DSC HS32-612LEC LTE Fire Monitoring Kit

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DSC HS32-612LEC is a dual-path (POTS & LTE/HSPA) fire alarm monitoring kit with certified for ULC fire alarm monitoring. Includes LTE communicator (LE2080) with Rogers SIM card.

Transmissions are sent fast, secure and detailed when fire events emerge on the system. This reduces the time from detection to on-site response from your local fire station. By choosing DSC’s new fire transmission system HS32-612LEC or HS32-612TLLEC  for the installation and the monitoring of your Fire Alarm Signals, you have the assurance of a prompt intervention at your premises, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cellular and dual kits both meet the requirements of ULC-S561 Standard for Fire Monitoring applications. It can help to provide sufficient warning so that occupants can evacuate safely as well as protect buildings and their contents.

With 3G networks sunsets by the cellular carriers, LTE products are the smart choice for all installations. Future-ready LTE Communicators offer the longest available in-service life and investment protection.

Kit Includes

  • HS2032 control panel
  • HS2LCD Full Message LCD keypad with F1-F5 function keys
  • LE2080 Cellular Alarm Communicator with SIM
  • PC4050CR red cabinet for commercial fire
  • Pre-mounted Transformer
  • 2 x 7Ah battery
  • T-1 tamper switch
  • L-1 Cam lock with 2 keys
  • Telephone jack and cord


HS32-612LEC Spec Sheet