Siemens 40A Two Pole GFCI Push-On Breaker

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Siemens 40A Two Pole GFCI Push-On Breaker


A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is designed to protect against severe electrical shock or electrocution from ground faults. Ground faults occur when the electrical current in an appliance strays outside its normal path, and the human body becomes part of the path through which the electrical current may flow. A GFCI will trip when a ground fault condition is detected in the circuit.



  • Suitable for a variety of construction applications: spas, hot tubs, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
  • Resists false tripping (shielded to prevent RF interference)
  • Standard 1 inch per pole format with plug-in design
  • Provides Class A GFCI protection


Ampere Rating (A) 40
VAC (V) 120/240
Interupting Rating 10kA
Temperature Rating 40°
Aprovals UL listed - CSA certified
Mounting Type Push On
Number of Poles 2-Pole
Type QPF
Wire Size #14 to #4 AWG Cu/Al
Switching Duty Rated No



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