NGM 55.0µF 370VAC Run Capacitor 325P556H44N46A4ZAC (RCR50-370)

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NGM 325P556H37N36A4ZAC is a 370VAC, 55.0µF wet metal case AC run capacitor.

The wet metal case A.C. motor run capacitors are designed to be used in various types of applications like electric motors and HID ballasts. They are used as part of the current limiting circuit for power factor correction, refrigeration equipment, etc. The A.C. capacitors provide direction by shifting the current in the windings so that the motor simulates the operation of a two-phase motor. These motor run capacitors are designed specifically to be used with permanent split-phase capacitor motors in swimming pool, whirlpool and spa applications where strict form and fit restrictions are required.


Voltage 370VAC
Capacitance 55.0µF
Capacitor Tolerance 6%
Dissipation Factor 0.1% at 60 Hz and 25 C, 1% at 1,000 Hz and 25 C
Operating Temperature -40°C +70°C
Insulation Resistance 500 M Ohms per μF
Diameter 2” Round
Case Height 3.75”
Case Material Aluminum
Terminals 1/4” Quadruple QCT


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Voltage: 370VAC
Capacitance: 55.0µF