Superior Touch 13-gauge Work Gloves

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Superior Touch cut resistant palm coated gloves with Dyneema. White gloves are a fine, 13-gauge knit, made with lint-free, continuous-filament Dyneema. Dyneema is 15 times stronger than steel on an equal-weight basis, and has a high coefficient of friction, making the surface of the knit slippery. To counter this, They've added a lightweight, non-shedding coat of polyurethane to the palm, for great grip that does not impede touch sensitivity. These gloves are both washable and can be bleached, at cold temperatures only. (104 degree F) Gloves knit from Dyneema have a characteristic slipperiness to them, which aids in cut-resistance, because a blade tends to slide over the surface. By adding a coat of polyurethane, the grip is improved. It is a 13-gauge, lint-free, continuous-filament yarn, which means not only do you get a finely knit glove with excellent cut protection, you also get a non-linting glove that, combined with great dexterity, making them ideal for working with everything from circuit boards to food. Light and comfortable.


  • Made with Dyneema are a fine 13-gauge knit for great touch sensitivity
  • Dyneema is a lint-free, continuous-filament yarn
  • Polyurethane provides great grip in wet, oily conditions
  • Snug fitting, breathable, and flexible gloves are ergonomically shaped
  • High dexterity and flexibility


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